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Selected Publications

  1. Ofir Yesharim, Shaul Pearl, Joshua Foley-Comer, Irit Juwiler and Ady Arie, “Direct generation of spatially entangled qudits using quantum nonlinear optical holography”, Science Advances 9, eade7968 (2023) {PDF}

  2. Ofir Yesharim, Aviv Karnieli, Steven Jackel, Giuseppe Di Domenico, Sivan Trajtenberg Mills and Ady Arie, “Observation of the all-optical Stern-Gerlach effect in nonlinear optics”, Nature Photonics, (2022).

  3. Georgi Gary Rozenman, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Lev Shemer and Ady Arie,  “Periodic wave trains in nonlinear media: Talbot revivals, Akhmediev breathers and asymmetry breaking”, Physical Review Letters 128, 214101 (2022).

  4. Raphael Dahan, Alexey Gorlach, Urs Haeusler, Aviv Karnieli, Ori Eyal, Peyman Yousefi, Mordechai Segev, Ady Arie, Gadi Eisenstein, Peter Hommelhoff, and Ido Kaminer, “Imprinting the quantum statistics of photons on free electrons”, Science 373, eabj7128 (2021) (2021); DOI: 10.1126/science.abj7128,   Perspective by F. Carbone: "An electron walks into a quantum bar…", Science 373 (6561),  DOI: 10.1126/science.abl6366

  5. Aviv Karnieli, Nicholas Rivera, Ady Arie and Ido Kaminer , “Super- and sub-radiance by free entangled particles”, Physical Review Letters 127, 060403  (2021).

  6. Aviv Karnieli, Yongyao Li and Ady Arie , “The geometric phase in nonlinear frequency conversion”, Frontiers of Physics 17, 12301  (2022).

  7. Dror Weisman, C. Moritz Carmesin, Gary Rozenman, Maxim A. Efremov, Lev Shemer, Wolfgang P. Schleich, and Ady Arie , “Diffractive guiding of waves by a periodic array of slits”, Physical Review Letters 127, 014303 (2021).

  8. Aviv Karnieli, Shai Tsesses, Guy Bartal and Ady Arie, “Emulating spin transport with nonlinear optics: from high order skyrmions to the topological Hall effect”, Nature Communications 12, 1092 (2021).(pdf)

  9. Aviv Karnieli, Sivan Trajtenberg-Mills, Giuseppe di Domenico and Ady Arie, “Experimental observation of the geometric phase in nonlinear frequency conversion”, Optica 6, 1401-1405 (2019). (pdf)

  10. Roei Remez, Aviv Karnieli, Sivan Trajtenberg-Mills, Niv Shapira, Ido Kaminer, Yossi Lereah and Ady Arie, “Observing the quantum wave nature of free electrons through spontaneous emission”, Physical Review Letters, 123, 060401  (2019).   Synopsis (pdf).

  11. Georgi Gary Rozenman, Matthias Zimmermann, Maxim A. Efremov, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Lev Shemer and Ady Arie, “Amplitude and Phase of Wave Packets in a Linear Potential “,Physical Review Letters 122, 124302 (2019)

  12. {Synopsis}. (pdf)

  13. Roy Shiloh, Roei Remez, Peng-Han Lu, Lei Jin, Yossi Lereah, Amir H. Tavabi, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski and Ady Arie, “Spherical aberration correction in a scanning transmission electron microscope using a sculpted foil “,Ultramicroscopy 189, 46-53 (2018). (pdf) (Supplementary Material)

  14. Aviv Karnieli and Ady Arie, “All-Optical Stern-Gerlach Effect”, Physical Review Letters 120, 053901 (2018),  Synopsis, 

  15. Roei Remez, Niv Shapira, Charles Roques-Carmes, Romain Tirole, Yi Yang, Yossi Lereah, Marin Soljačić, Ido Kaminer and Ady Arie, “Spectral and spatial shaping of Smith-Purcell radiation”, Physical Review A (Rapid Communications) 96, 061801(R) (2017)

  16. Brijesh Kumar Singh, Harel Nagar, Yael Roichman and Ady Arie, “Particle manipulation beyond the diffraction limit using structured super-oscillating light beams”, Light: Science and Application 6, e17050 (2017). (pdf)

  17.  Shenhe Fu, Jianying Zhou, Yongyao Li, Lev Shemer, and Ady Arie , “Dispersion Management of Propagating Waveguide Modes on the Water Surface”, Physical Review Letters, 118, 144501 (2017),

  18. Dror Weisman, Shenhe Fu, Manuel Gonçalves, Lev Shemer, Jianying Zhou, Wolfgang P. Schleich, and Ady Arie , “Diffractive focusing of waves in time and in space”, Physical Review Letters, 118, 154301 (2017),

  19. Roei Remez*, Yuval Tsur*, Peng-Han Lu, Amir H. Tavabi, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski and Ady Arie, (* these authors contributed equally to this work) “Superoscillating Electron Wave Functions with Subdiffraction Spots”, Physical Review A – Rapid Communications 5, 031802(R) (2017).

  20. Itai Epstein, Yuval Tsur and Ady Arie, “Surface plasmons wavefront and spectral shaping by near field holography”, Lasers and Photonics Reviews, 10, 360-381 (2016). (pdf)

  21. Shenhe Fu, Yuval Tsur, Jianying Zhou, Lev Shemer and Ady Arie, “Propagation dynamics of non-spreading Cosine-Gauss water wave pulses”, Physical Review Letters 115, 254501 (2015).

  22. Shenhe Fu, Yuval Tsur, Jianying Zhou, Lev Shemer and Ady Arie, “Propagation dynamics of Airy water wave pulses”, Physical Review Letters 115, 034501 (2015).

  23. Roei Remez and Ady Arie, “Super-narrow frequency conversion”, Optica 2, 472-475 (2015). (pdf)

  24. Roy Shiloh, Yuval Tsur, Roei Remez, Yossi Lereah, Boris A. Malomed, Vladlen Shvedov, Cyril Hnatovsky, Wieslaw Krolikowski and Ady Arie , “Unveiling the orbital angular momentum and acceleration of electron beams”, Physical Review Letters 114, 096102 (2015).

  25. Ana Libster-Hershko*, Itai Epstein* and Ady Arie (* these authors contributed equally to this work), “Rapidly accelerating Mathieu and Weber surface plasmon beams”, Physical Review Letters, 113, 123902 (2014),

  26. Haim Suchowski, Gil Porat and Ady Arie, “Adiabatic processes in frequency conversion”, Lasers and Photonics Reviews 8, 333-367 (2014).

  27. Shani Sharabi, Noa Voloch-Bloch, Irit Juwiler and Ady Arie, “Dislocation parity effects in crystals with quadratic nonlinear response”, Physical Review Letters 112, 053901 (2014). (pdf)

  28. Itai Epstein and Ady Arie, “Arbitrary Bending Plasmonic Light Waves”, Physical Review Letters 112, 023903 (2014). (pdf)

  29. Noa Voloch-Bloch, Yossi Lereah, Yigal Lilach, Avraham Gover and Ady Arie, “Generation of electron Airy beams”, Nature 494, 331-335 (2013). .

  30. Ido Dolev, Itai Epstein and Ady Arie, “Surface plasmons holographic beam shaping”, Physical Review Letters, 109, 203903 (2012).(pdf)

  31. Noa Voloch-Bloch, Keren Shemer, Asia Shapira, Roy Shiloh, Irit Juwiler and Ady Arie, “Twisting Light by Nonlinear Photonic Crystals”, Physical Review Letters 108, 233902 (2012).(pdf)

  32. Ido Dolev, Ido Kaminer, Asia Shapira, Mordechai Segev and Ady Arie, “Experimental observation of self-accelerating beams in quadratic nonlinear media”, Physical Review Letters 108, 113903 (2012). (pdf)

  33. Ady Arie and Noa Voloch, “Periodic, quasi-periodic, and random quadratic nonlinear photonic crystals”, Laser and Photonics Reviews 4, 355–373 (2010). (pdf)

  34. S. M. Saltiel, D. N. Neshev, W. Krolikowski1, N. Voloch-Bloch, A. Arie, O. Bang and Y. S. Kivshar, “Nonlinear diffraction from a virtual beam”, Physical Review Letters 104, 083902 (2010), Also see synopsis in Physics, “Diffraction of a nonexistent beam of light”, (pdf)

  35. T. Ellenbogen, N. Voloch-Bloch, A. Ganany-Padowicz and A. Arie, “Nonlinear generation and manipulation of Airy beams”, Nature Photonics 3, 395-398 (2009). (pdf)

  36. Haim Suchowski, Dan Oron, Ady Arie and Yaron Silberberg, “Geometrical Representation of Sum Frequency Generation and Adiabatic Frequency Conversion”, Physical Review A 78 063821 (2008) (pdf)

  37. S. M. Saltiel, D. N. Neshev, R. Fischer, W. Krolikowski1, A. Arie, and Y. S. Kivshar, “Generation of the second-harmonic conical waves via nonlinear Bragg diffraction”, Physical Review Letters 100, 103902 (2008) (pdf)

  38. A. Bahabad, N. Voloch, A. Arie, A. Bruner and D. Eger, “Unveiling quasiperiodicity through nonlinear wave mixing in periodic media”, Physical Review Letters 98, 205501 (2007) (pdf)

  39. R. Lifshitz, A. Arie and A. Bahabad, “Photonic quasicrystals for general purpose nonlinear optical frequency conversion”, Physical Review Letters 95 133901 (2005). (pdf)

  40. K. Fradkin-Kashi, A. Arie, P Urenski and G. Rosenman, “Multiple nonlinear optical interactions with arbitrary wave vector differences”, Physical Review Letters 88, 023903 (2002). (pdf)

  41. A. Arie, B. Lissak and M. Tur, “Static fiber-Bragg grating strain sensing using frequency-locked lasers”, Journal of Lightwave Technology 17, 1849-1855, 1999 (pdf)

  42. A. Arie, G. Rosenman, V. Mahal, A. Skliar, M. Oron, M. Katz and D. Eger , “Green and ultraviolet quasi-phasematched second harmonic generation in bulk periodically-poled KTiOPO4”, Optics Communications, 142, 265-268, 1997(pdf)

  43. . A. Arie, S. Schiller, E. K. Gustafson and R. L. Byer, “Absolute frequency stabilization of diode-laser-pumped Nd:YAG lasers to hyperfine transitions in molecular iodine”, Optics Letters 17, 1204-1206, 1992 (pdf)

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